Stitch and tape

Stitch and Tape is the simplest method of construction.

The hull panels are stitched together using lengths of wire to pull the panels into the hull shape.  Frames are usually required to hold the hull in the correct position, and these are also dry fixed into their places.

Once the shape is correct, the seams between the stitches are filled with epoxy paste and left to set.  Once set, the stitches are removed, and the gaps filled in with epoxy paste.

The seams are then sanded smooth, and covered in glass tape in epoxy.  It is the glass tape in epoxy that gives the hull its strength.

The hull can then be turned over.  The inside seams are given a radius of epoxy paste, smoothed off, and covered in glass tape and epoxy.

The tapes will then need to be faired with more epoxy paste and sanded smooth.  This can be a lengthy process if you are wanting a very high quality of finish