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After a youth messing around in all sorts of boats on the Thames, Paul gained a degree in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding from Newcastle University in 1974.

Straight after University he worked in the design office of McGruer & Co. Scotland for 4 years – famous for high performance racing /cruising yachts beautifully crafted in wood (cold moulded as well as conventional clinker and carvel). He then became Technical Manager at D.M. Russell Marine – formerly Jas. A. Silvers yard just up the road at Rosneath, for 5 years – famous for their motor yachts. This period found Paul sailing/cruising in all sorts of craft around the coast of the UK and regularly racing in everything from Dragons to the IOR fleet on the Clyde.

In 1982 he left Scotland and formed Selway Fisher Design concentrating on the use of epoxies in modern wood boat construction. Since then he has designed over 400 craft mainly for the home boatbuilder ranging from canoes and dinghies through dayboats and pocket cruises to yachts, motor boats and steam launches. He sells plans all over the world and many thousands have been built

He is a member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects and the author of eight books covering various aspects of wood boat construction and sailmaking etc. On average, Paul has 3 or 4 new designs on the drawing board at any one time.

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